“BERNA MODA” is a Bulgarian maker of extravagant ladies’ evening dresses like prom, graduation, cocktail and wedding dresses, which have a unique designer style.

A smart dress can look brilliantly on a hanger but it is pointless if it does not suit you. We would like to accentuate the individuality, elegance and beauty of the ladies dressed in our designs.

Our aim is to create unique dresses of good quality. What emphasizes femininity and draws attention to the features which make a woman really tempting is the design of a dress.

We work hard and with love to satisfy our customers.

“BERNA MODA” is located on 28, Bulgaria

Avenue, Asenovgrad. There you will find great variety of high-quality evening dresses, wedding dresses and prom dresses. You can see, try on the available designs and combine them. Set your creativity free and we can fulfill your dream of a unique dress together.

See yourself in a different light!

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